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Children & Young People

Helping with

  • Challenging Behaviour

  • Improve confidence

  • Overcome Anxiety

  • Overcome Sleep Issues

  • Managing Anger

  • Increase Motivation Levels

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Coping with Exam Stress

  • Improve Concentration


Children, unless taught, don’t know how to deal, let alone express feelings of fear, anxiety or stress that may be caused at home or at school. When something makes them feel helpless or afraid they may express it in what a parent or teacher sees as challenging behaviour.


NLP can work very quickly when working with a child that finds him or herself in this type of negative cycle and may only require a few One – 2 – One sessions (after school hours).


I am trained to help uncovering the root cause for the behaviour and to give him or her positive tools in how to deal with the cause of the fear or anger. I am happy to meet you and your child in an initial no obligation consultation.

On occasions we arrange confidence building, self esteem and motivation skills workshops during the school holidays. These are designed to give your child tools he or she can use when they feel anxious, shy or out of control. The impact of using these tools are contributing to the increase in confidence overall. 


Parents often are not aware that their own behaviour may impact the way their child expresses feelings like fear, anxiety and stress. A parents own trauma, major transitions, such as a divorce, or serious illness, affects in their parenting. The parent can, at times, be the root cause of a child’s challenging behaviour – which may be the only way the child knows how to express the confused feelings and stress. Working with a parent to cope in a more positive and healthy way will always filter down to the relationship with their child in an equally positive way.

Parenting Workshops are not there to criticise any ones parenting styles but to find positive ways to parent a child with challenging behaviour. We can give helpful tips and tools; no matter the age of your child.

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